Contains utilities for safely wrapping python exceptions in D and vice versa.

void handle_exception (string file = __FILE__, size_t line = __LINE__);
This function first checks if a Python exception is set, and then (if one is) pulls it out, stuffs it in a PythonException, and throws that exception.

If this exception is never caught, it will be handled by exception_catcher (below) and passed right back into Python as though nothing happened.

T exception_catcher (T)(T delegate() dg);
It is intended that any functions that interface directly with Python which have the possibility of a D exception being raised wrap their contents in a call to this function, e.g.:

extern (C)
PyObject* some_func(PyObject* self) {
    return exception_catcher({
        // ...

class PythonException : object.Exception;
This simple exception class holds a Python exception.

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